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ITA about RR being annoying yet awesome all at once. I have that 365 cookbook as well and use it often. It's great for people in night school as well!

One thing I do notice is her recipes can be heavy on the oil/cheese. It's easy to cut those measurements down though. Those burgers sound good!

Cate O'Malley

Mmmm, one of my favorite RR burgers. The fries from that episode are delicious too.


Hi Kim - I changed your name in the post - sorry about that! I saw Karin in the comments! I also left you this in response to your comment:

Hey Kim - you are very welcome [for the link]. I completely understand that her voice grates on some people - she once said she doesn't watch herself on TV in part because her "tv voice" scared the dog! I am glad you like her recipes though. I often feature my opinions on them, so I hope you will become a regular!

Elizabeth K

RR can be annoying because she's just so damn perky. Perky people scare me. But she does have good recipes and seems to be a normal person, not a celebrity.


All right, I give in. I'll have to get a Rachael Ray book from the library -- boy, that burger looks good!

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