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Congratulations! This is a lucky girl to have such a devoted family. I'm not being trite when I say I'll keep you in my prayers. I wish you didn't have to worry about pregnancy but I'm also happy you have a pregnancy to worry over. A new person. A new life! A new someone to meet.

Congratulations. What a very wonderful cherry.

Michelle M

What joy!! You are blessed! You have such darling kids! I am a muddling mother of 8. My husband & I enjoyed "Love & Logic" by Jim Fey it helped us care for ourselves and care for our little loves. Just gave some common sense structure to discipline.


Wow, Kim! I'm so glad for you, and it is incredible that you'll have three kids in a 4-year span. The thing about you feeling clueless is that you make momhood look instinctive and easy. You don't put up a front, but your kids are brilliant and happy, and who doesn't want that for their posterity? Way to be a brave woman!

I worry about adding a newborn to our mix in the future. I would love another child (two, actually) but I cringe at the thought of the conflict my husband and I work through when a baby cries (I want the baby to self-sooth after 4 months, and he wants to rescue the child every time until the child moves out of the home). You can see that we have a problem. I wonder if they have counselors who specialize in free advice on babies crying?


Congratulations! So happy for you!!!


Hey Lady! Congratulations!!! Such happy news! Are you feeling good? Can't wait to see what bebe #4 is!

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