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I'll still be hanging around so please let us know when there is something new to visit! Good luck with the campaign and the new house and everything :)


I hadn't given up on you. Figured the political scene was enough to cope with. Thank goodness for good folks like you though! We need good people offering their services for our country.

I'll be lurking till you change homes.


It's too bad you can't put everything Off Limits -- not that anyone would pay attention. Heck, they might just use their turn signals if that happens!

I'll be where ever you need me to be.

Heidi Jarvis

I am going to miss reading updates. Don't leave us for too long. And I can't wait to see more pictures of your house along and way and especially when it is done. You decorate so cute! Good luck with everything.


I've been reading you since...oh, heavens, it's been years and I don't plan to stop. I'm sorry things are hard in the political scene but grateful you are sticking it out.

I'll follow your blog to wherever you choose to move (why do I suddenly feel like watching Sister Act?). I've liked Blogger. The switch from the old interface to the new one was annoying but now I'm used to it and I like it fine.

Thanks for the heads up that you're going to be closing this one. I think I need to pull off all your recipes for myself before that happens.

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