• "One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries." --Milne

you know you want to

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Oh my gosh, I just heard your blog name on the Today Show and came to tell you - how exciting! Congratulations on the (very well deserved) shout out!

Danielle (The1stdaughter)

Oh My! I just watched the segment and was like, oh my goodness it's Kim's valentine's! Ahhhh!!! How exciting! Congratulations!

(Now...off to find you a book deal! ;o))

Chef Messy

Thanks! You guys are so nice!


Wow, even a non-American knows how big the Today Show is! Congrats and I hope you got a gazillion hits on the blog :)


Hi- I love your valentines crayon idea so much that it will be our card of choice this year! Since I'm not crafty, can you tell me how you got the crayons to stick to the paper card? Would glue work?


LOVE YOU!!!! SO glad that we are friends in "real life" too....and that I knew you as a little girl growing up on said, "potato farm" he he he :) Congrats!!!!

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