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YAY for Baby Sofia being here!!!! And I love this post! I had all my babies the "other way"....but with an epidural {didn't feel a thing....and pushing was a piece of cake} but I am with you. Doesn't matter HOW that baby comes...just that it gets here healthy and that you are DONE being preggo! :) BEST PART EVER!!!!!!!!! And being a mom is empowering....no matter how it happens !:) COngrats....can't wait to see all your other photos!!!!

Karen Howell

I've always thought that it would be really cool if when you have a c-section, the doctor would be so kind as to take a few inches of skin away (mini tummy tuck). That would make having been pregnant not quite so bad.

Congrats! She is beautiful. Good job on "bouncing back" right after surgery. Just don't overdo it. I always feel great after delivery, and I've learned the hard way that even if you feel fine, your body has still gone through extreme trauma and needs rest. It gets harder with each extra child to find time to get that rest.


I guess one of the pluses of a C-section is that you get to look glamorous during and after, if you want. Lord knows by the time I finished huffing and puking and pushing I pretty much looked as hellish as I ever have.


I had one baby in a hospital with an epidural and two babies at home with a midwife, her assistant, a doula, and my husband.
I loved my births - because they were MINE. No one else goes through your child's birth but you. So if it works for you, hooray!

Your baby is here. You are happy. It doesn't matter how she came.

Heaven knows people are beyond bold about telling you how to have a baby the "right" way (I got all sorts of fear-inducing "what-ifs?!?!?!" when people learned I was having a homebirth). They don't give you any sort of opinions about conceiving them - as well they shouldn't, and so they should just zip their lips about the right way to have them.

I wish each woman would glory in her experience and be happy for others, no matter the differences. Let the rest of the options fall away and just stare at the beautiful new person who is come into the world. That's what's important.

Soapbox over.

She's beautiful and you look amazing! Congratulations!

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