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Oh, heck yea! Beeeaaauuuuutiful property. Too bad that little brick house is in such disrepair. It's got charachter! I would love to live in an OLD home with the architectural details, the history and personality. I am not a big fan of the cookie cutter homes that are being built now-a-days. Plus everyone decorates the same - It drives me nuts. I think it's neat that you even have this option! Farm cottage on a beautiful property? I say go for it!

Marilyn Dudley

I agree - property is beautiful - house is a shame -- why not consider a modular and then start the process of seeing if you could renovate the old home -- you could have instant satisfaction --- living there and then if the house could become a home - you could move over -- but by then you would be really OLD like George and I are and would welcome a one story home with no steps!!!!!

Heidi Jarvis

Can we come live with you? Great idea!

Chef Messy

On fixing up the old house... We actually looked into this option and it was going to cost a LOT of money. Like, you could almost just build a new house of the same size, and it wouldn't cost much more. Ryan definitely has some heartburn over tearing down a house (I'm pretty sure he's the only one. The rest of the family has the demo equipment parked and ready to go!) Trust me, if you saw the inside of that little brick beastie, you would definitely know why I could easily say good riddance to the thing!


I love the idea of building your dream farm cottage. I say do it!


Absolutely. But my husband would not. Sad. That yard is gorgeous.


This is an amazing home... do it I say :)

also, can you tell me where you got the pattern for the "Any Way You Slice It" quilt. I cannot find it anywhere, to buy or otherwise.

thank you and good luck with this pregnancy. I am a new reader and love your blog


I would do it in a heartbeat. Have the baby and dig in.

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