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Shauna Jones

We have Sophia Elizabeth. Good luck picking yours! :)

Shauna Jones

We have Sophia Elizabeth. Good luck naming yours!


What cute names! I would have a hard time picking also. Though, I do think Sofia Isabella is my favorite! Good luck naming her and with your delivery!

Elaina Hall

I like Sofia Lisette the best. It sounds like a name from Les Miserables. Hey, Olivia was footling breach too! It is so uncomfortable, but there were no problems with the c-section. i am getting excited for that baby to be here, too. I am going to Savannah from the 28th - Sept. 6th and then we'll plan a date to come over. We love you, and if I don't talk to you again: good luck, and all our blessings. Elaina


Sofia Abigail is my fave of the family names, Evangeline for sheer Frenchiness. ;) Good luck with the delivery!


I like Sofia Isabella! I sounds like a romantic, french name!


Sofia Lisette.

Tara Bowen

Sofia Lisette--very lovely--and I'm excited for you to get a girl so soon! Also, I briefly considered attending the Miss Idaho Falls Pageant, and that would have been cool to see your sister in it. I would have started looking for you in the audience...


OK, close your eyes and imagin sitting in the crowd of proud parents waiting to hear their High School graduate's name over the loud speaker -- what do you hear?

Sofia Regina perhaps? Ra-geee-na, not ra-gy-na, eww!

Best wishes and a healthy baby!

julie (etsy stalkers)

I LOVE Sofia Nicolette. Super fancy name.



I like her name :) We named ours Sofia Catalina. Your baby girl is a beauty ^^

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