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you know you want to

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Hahahaha! Snarky. Yeah...pregnancy doesn't do that to me either. Or post-partum. Yikes.

Since you're a sewing queen, will you please tell me where on earth I find paper that will allow me to trace Heather Ross's patterns to fabric? The stuff I have is like a half-sheet of paper with chalk on the back and doesn't work well at all.

Make the Amy Butler pants ASAP. You will *love* them. I have two pairs and am looking for a decent sheet at the DI to make into another pair. I like the feel of old sheets.

Good luck on all the sewing. Skip the cleaning. Hire a cleaning lady or a college student to come in and do it for you before your baby comes. It's worth it.

Me? opinionated? Yeah, maybe a little.


those pants are amazing! you totally NEED those for the hospital! ha ha.
also, I think it's funny that you only have little boy things. I mean, I know you only have boys thus far but I'm always drooling over cute little girl stuff...it's a little out of control. I'm so excited for your little girl to get here!!


To anyone that questions your decisions I would tell them that what ever way your Little Miss enters the world, the means justify the end.

Oh yea, and threaten that if they want to feed, clothe and house this child thru College to step up to the plate. It usually silences them (especially the one who don't have children of their own).

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