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YOu are AMAZING!!!! I wish I had your talents.....and YES! Girl dresses take nothing at all! They are easy, cute and you MUST have tons of them!!!! We sure do at our house! :) Drawers and drawers full of little skirts....it's heavenly!!!!


LOVE the sweater. You are so talented Kim. About the kidney thing, both my girls had that in their 20 week ultrasound. Don't worry. Everything will be just fine. My brother Kyle, who is an ultrasound tech reassured me over and over again that this happens ALL THE TIME. They will just recheck later in the pregnancy to make sure everything is okay.
Oh, and Missy has been giving me her little girl clothes for Margaret. She most recently brought a bunch of little pajamas that are 0-3 months that wont fit and are in great condition. Would you want them? Let me know. If not, I'll just take them to DI.


That digger sweater kills me. So cute! And I have a feeling those boys are going to be the best big brothers ever.

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