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Amber Fetters

oh lady-i love pumpkin pie. we're headed to evan's family's house for thanksgiving and they are only making one (gasp!) pumpkin pie. i could eat them for days. so i think you are doing your little jonah a favor by helping him to enjoy pumpkin pie early. :)


One pie!? For all of those people? How? Yep, we will be having pumpkin cheesecake from Costco this year. Still awesome, but I'm glad I got the pumpkin pie out of my system all the same! How are you guys!? Are you coming for Christmas this year?


I have to think when you take away all the shouldn't/can't/don't about foods it makes it easier to make better choices. No one should have to feel guilty about eating; it becomes a big "so what" instead of something to hide or feel ashamed about. I've fed our kids pumpkin pie for breakfast and it didn't turn them into sociopaths. Live and let live!


Haha, well I'm going to think of it then as the "cure for future sociopaths," and then we can all just eat it for breakfast all the time!


I have to think when you assume everything have to / can / not about food, it facilitates to make the best choice. Nobody has to have to feel guilty about food, it becomes big "well and that", instead of to hide something or to be ashamed. I feed our children pumpkin pie for a breakfast, and it not to turn them into the sociopath. Live and let live! http://bobmarleymusic.us/

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