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Now that makes me want to learn to knit! Is this "easy" or for more experienced knitters?


A friend's boy had his two top canines come in first and he looked like a little vampire. It was so cute! And your blanket is lovely, makes me want to learn to knit even more now!


Kim, the blanket is beautiful but little Jonah steals the show! That cute smile and those little teeth! He is so cute and I just want to snuggle him.


Oh my goodness that blanket is AMAZING! Such a labor of love I am sure. Your time is well spent on this project. And seriously, could Jonah's eyes be any bigger? He is beautiful.


WoW! I had to look in on the pattern to realize the French Knots and Running Stitches weren't Bobbles and Intarsia. Fantastic results! In place of the cording, what about a knit-on I-cord instead? Simply divine results you have there -- and Mr. Jonah is too cute ;-)

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