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Pierced eyebrow to PTA...yeah, time'll do that do you. Sneaky stuff.

Congratulations on making it through the first day.


The first day is the hardest. He looks so happy and I do love that entrance too :)


If it helps any, getting Kid #2 in school is a piece of cake -- as long as you don't look other Parents in the eye. You'll have two parents in puddles then. Beware the PTA ladies -- they could sell ice to Eskimos and before you know it you're on a Committee.
I look back on the time I spent with the Teachers on Teacher Council as not only rewarding, but enlightening. You get to see them not only as people, but usually as having an incredible sense of duty to the children, and many have talents you normally don't get to see. I think it's wonderful you'll be able to spend a day at school!


maybe the puddle was more hormones than anything! :) Congrats...you made it through the 1st day!!!! I am sending my second off to kindergarten and my oldest is now in 2nd grade....that should make a you feel a little better, though I am a month younger than you! :) Can't wait to hear all the fun stuff he does this year in school....and your pictures are, of course, gorgeous! :)

Amber Fetters

you are the COOL pta mom though, just remember that! he looks so big. can't believe he is ready for kindergarten.

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