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OMG Kim! Those are so damn cute I just might have to gouge my eyes out! What a sweet kid you've got.


Too lazy to buy valentines...sure you were. Something tells me these took a bit more effort. They are adorable.


Glad you liked our Valentines because I love yours! Wouldn't it be funny if, next year, you see cute little monsters on my blog and I see crayon hearts on yours?!

I see you read Charlie with Matthew. My daughter is doing a unit on Roald Dahl and LOVED "The BFG" also by Roald Dahl. I had never heard of it before but, after hearing a few exerpts from the book, think you and Matthew would really like it!

Sarah Jackson

And the moms! Don't forget the moms! Those are darling, and any smart mom will put it away forever.


Hahaha! Preschool is such a zany time.


I love these Valentine's cards. They are totally better than anything you would buy at the store and way more personal.

Mom K.

Those are precious! What a cute idea!


Soooo cute! We went for the Transformer valentines. And didn't even sign Gavin's name to them. Yup, I'm the ultimate lazy mom right now. Those are adorable!

laurie- magpie ethel

Just linked over to your blog from the Crafty Crow - those are the cutest valentines. I would definitely be saving one of those if one of my kids got them. Super Cute!


Haha! Oh, how I love these cute little guys! I too just linked over from the crafty crow and am now excited to check out your blog. :)


These are perfect!!


WOW! I love them! I am saving this for next year since I missed this post on the Crafty Crow lol. Thanks for sharing! Adorable!!


Great idea! My daughter loved them, so we tweaked it a little bit, and made these: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stephee/4351635436/

Love, love, love. Thanks! :)


I am here via The Crafty Crow. It's always a challenge to find Valentine ideas that are appealing to boys! My four year old loved these. We spent several very enjoyable afternoons working on these together and they turned out SUPER CUTE! Thank you.


very good


These are so adorable! Thank you for sharing. Hand-made cards with a personalized message reinforces the sentiment of the holiday!

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