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That is too cute. When on earth did you have time to make it? Such fun! I can't wait until Gavin is old enough to do fun stuff with. Not that endless rounds of peek-a-boo aren't fun, but...you know what I mean.


Typapad has had some problems lately and I wasn't able to leave you a comment (hope this one works) on the darling aprons. Both the one you received and the one you made are fabulous! Look at all that handstitching.
Your Christmas card pictures are great and the post is charming to read and see all the 'rejects'. And this Advent calender is as cute as can be. What talented and creative wonder you are!


That's really cool! I am totally sure you should go into design! What a sweet idea to have things to do tucked into each day... Sounds like you and Matthew are having fun! Hope the football game was a blast!

Elizabeth K

Your Advent calendar is so cute!


That is by far the neatest advent calendar I have ever seen! I am saving this ... I may have to make one for myself through out this year and have one for my family next year!
Have fun doing your holiday activites!! =)

Passions & Distractions

That calendar is so pretty! Great work!

Ashley Mendez

I LOVE this!!!! I've been looking for a calendar for my kids and this one is great. Wish I found it earlier this year.

D.L. Lewis

Fantastic job!! I will plan to make at least 1 for the next 3 years so each adult
child of ours will have one for their family. LOVED IT!!! Thanks for sharing.


Interested in selling another one?? Love this!!!


Do you sell these? I would pay for this!


I'm totally stealing this idea to make a wedding "Advent" calendar - same idea but we'll have the guests at the bridal shower each come up with one activity & sign it.


Your pinterest link says the backing is 2 12x12 pieces of cardstock? That's a lot smaller than it seems - how big are each of the envelopes?


Amanda that is exactly the same question I had...how big are each of the envelopes?


You can buy pre-glued sticky envelopes at school supply stores (for books or whatever) instead of sewing. Awesome idea I can't wait to make one!!!


Do you sew the envelopes and then glue them onto the cardstock or do you sew them onto the cardstock??? Might be a silly question, but i am new to this crafty stuff!


Do you sell these on etsy? If not, you should!!!! I would love one!


I can't find instructions on how to make this... are they out there somewhere??


This is great! I have pinned, and posted this on my blog. Thank you!!

Jennifer Brimley

What is the size of the wood and the pockets? I want to make, but need an idea of how big to make everything. Thanks. It is way cute and cant' wait to make it.

Jennifer Brimley

Oh, actually you used 12x12 sheets of paper didn't you? For the backs? But what were the sizes of the pockets?


2.75"x3.5" pockets worked for me. :)


This is exactly what I intended to do for our advent calendar this year! It's fun to see how yours turned out! Now to get started with my own!


This is way to cute and soooo easy! I was trying to buy 25 little gifts to have our daughter open one each day, but that can get expensive and time consuming shopping for 25 gifts. This is just to simple and easy!


Just saw this on Pinterest and I love the idea!!! I have been looking for one like this to make for my kids and I can't wait to make it this weekend! Thanks!


I have a 5 month old and not near enough time to make one of these but it is SO cute! I would love to buy one if you're selling them.

Sandy Kittinger

Just made this for our kids. So cute!!!!!!!! Thanks for the list of things to do, so I didn't have to think that hard! :)

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