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Those are cute!!! I like them a lot. Hmmm ... wish I had seen this sooner - that would have been a cute mother's day present for some grandmas!


Those are so wonderfully cute! And it looks like a great way to spend quality time. ;)


Those are really adorable!!

Chef Bertha

i have posted photos of the sort of which they are stuck onto the icebox. Very colorful and nifty kitchen ornament.

Judy Polak

Did the Pottery shop fire the tiles? I was wondering what kind of paint they used.

Kimberly P

Yep, it was one of those paint-your-own-pottery sort of places.  No idea on the paint--I think it was just the standard fire-able ceramic paint for kilns, but I've also seen paint in stores specifically for painting on tile and fired ceramic that doesn't have to be put in the kiln.


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